Most modelling tools in Modo now support per vertex collision with geometry. When paired with Modo's new ability to load static meshes that have a lower memory footprint, users can now use Modo to slim-down dense meshes into production-ready assets. In addition, new Profile Presets simplify the modelling of edge-based details like crown molding or complex bevels.

The new Fur material enables a multitude of material appearances from hair, bristles and fur to water droplets, string, grass and tinsel. Carbon fibre and highly glossy clear coat surfaces lend realism to consumer product visualizations.

Modo 401 is now even better equipped to read and write data that can be exchanged with other 2D and 3D applications. File exchange improvements include COLLADA, FBX, 3DM and a new SolidWorks 2009 file importer for Windows.

Modo 401 costs $995 (around £615), or $395 (£245) as an upgrade.