Brad Peebler of Modo developer Luxology has delved behind the scenes at Pixar Animation Studios to learn how two artists prepare characters and props for the big screen.

Peelber has interviewed Jason Bickerstaff and Rich Hurrey of Pixar, providing an insight on what it takes to create (and sometimes re-create!) high-quality 3D models of characters and props that will hold up in various shots in a feature film. The focus is on how 'topology matters' as they discuss the forthcoming WALL-E film, the short Presto that runs before it and the in-development Toy Story 3.

The interview also contains some fascinating details about the early days at Pixar, including some funny examples of office life in the uber creative world of Pixar. Luxology warns that there's a small spoiler about WALL-E, which debuts in cinemas on Friday in the UK.

The interview can be downloaded here.