The NuLOOQ is a new series of devices and software from Logitech that are designed toincrease your productivity using the creative applications you depend on on a daily basis.

NuLOOQ starts with the navigator, a rotary peripheral that provides you with instant access to commonly used tools and features in Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications. Coming in March, the navigator will be available in conjunction with "tooldial" software that's also available separately.

 border=0 /> </div>Designed to work with a keyboard and a mouse, the NuLOOQ navigator is a round, stationary input device about half the size of a tennis ball that sits under your non-mousing hand. The circular surface is embedded with buttons, and it

Together with the tooldial software, the navigator helps Creative Suite users call up frequently used commands, adjust option values, navigate images, access menus, zoom and scroll without having to move their mouse cursor across palettes and navigation bars.

You can use the navigator to adjust brush size and text leading with a flick of the wrist, for example. The software is also context-sensitive and application-aware.

The NuLOOQ tooldial software is also available separately. It reorganizes frequently used tools, commands and access to files in a rotary menu that's divided into eight wedges. Eight additional wedges appears when the cursor hovers over the original wedge.

You can activate the tooldial software using a programmable hotkey, mouse click or using one of the navigator's "triggerpoint" buttons. The rotary menu appears under the cursor and then goes away again after the task is done.

You can customize the tooldial by dragging and dropping commands, files or applications into the wedges. And it's application-aware, so if you've set up a tooldial menu for a specific application like Photoshop or Illustrator, that's what will appear when it's activated.