Adobe’s attempt at a ‘Flash-killer’ has long been rumoured but finally a few apparently true details have appeared – unless Adobe decides to change what it has already created. Speaking at this week’s Seybold seminars, Adobe CEO and chairman John E. Warnock and executive vice president, Bruce Chizen, gave the audience a sneak peek at the new product – which many observers thought rather familiar. LiveMotion is an extrapolation of ImageStyler – mixed with After Effects. ImageStyler is the simple graphics optimization package aimed at business users whose efficiency also made it popular for professionals, and LiveMotion will follow its easy-to-master style of instant effects like drop shadows and bevels. LiveMotion also takes the timeline metaphor from After Effects – and also includes tweening (the process of setting two points in time with different properties, say with an object in different places, and the computer calculating what happens in between – such as motion). Also included in the application’s features list are support for layers in imported Photoshop documents and the ability to export animated GIF’s, JPEGs, and Flash and SVG animations. Adobe was heavily involved in the development of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format and is likely to be pushing this format to the consumer in a big way in the near future. As with all technologies in this arena, it will be this – not the quality of LiveMotion – that makes or breaks this product. It is expected that this will lead to a growth of Adobe’s website into something resembling and a battle between Macromedia and Adobe that will be more about marketing and viewers than technology.