Media 100 has announced a real-time version of its Cleaner 5 Web video encoding suite aimed at Internet broadcasters. Cleaner Live allows users to broadcast live events such as concerts or corporate briefings using DV cameras and a powerful (PIII 733 or higher) PC running Windows 2000. The app can capture video and audio directly from running DV cameras using an included PCI IEEE 1394 (FireWire) card and decode it in real-time using the company’s DV Accelerator PCI hardware board – which is also included in the bundle. The video can then be encoded on-the-fly by the Cleaner engine. Multiple data rates of Windows Media and RealSystem format video and audio can be encoded simultaneously by a single computer using Cleaner Live. DV streams captured by the system can also be saved to disk as full-resolution files for later editing. While a live event is being broadcast (and before) both Windows Media and RealSystem streams can be previewed on-screen. Operators can monitor digital flow meters to assess throughput in frames, bits and bytes, while traffic monitors show performance instantly through red/yellow/green status indicators. They can also save multiple settings files and restore previous configurations instantly. Users can also get online help during Webcasts using context-sensitive guidelines. Cleaner Live will ship in April for £1,999 plus VAT.