Pinnacle Systems has announced that those buying Liquid Edition 5.5 will now get a free MovieBox DV analogue to digital converter, worth £199. The company claims that the bundle will allow Liquid editors to work seamlessly with analogue material inside Liquid Edition, where it can be edited and distributed.

MovieBox DV provides both digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversions. Analogue tapes can be converted directly to DV tape and digital video material can be captured via 1394 and output back to digital or an analogue device connected to MovieBox DV.

MovieBox DV adds composite, S-video and stereo audio to the 1394 inputs on Liquid Edition and also offers composite and S-video analogue output. Analogue video captured through MovieBox DV is captured to a full-resolution 25 Mbit DV codec.

With MovieBox DV, the rendered Liquid Edition timeline can be previewed on a broadcast monitor or TV before it is committed to tape or DVD.

Pinnacle claims that the offer is valid immediately, though no mention is currently made on their Web site. Pinnacle Liquid Edition costs £425 plus VAT.