LightWork design has launched an update to its LightWorks rendering engine. LightWorks 6.0 adds new features, and is designed to plug into popular 3D applications to provide high-end rendering power and photorealistic output says the company. New to version 6.0 are multi-coloured area lights, which the company says allows for more accurate, effective, and faster lighting. Area light calculations have also been speed bumped by three times says LightWork Design. The company has also added interactive shadows that use OpenGL-accelerated hardware, which lets users interactively see the effect of light changes. Additional features include an advanced material manager, interactive light-positioning tools and controls for creating advanced lighting effects, interactive decal positioning, an advanced scenery manager, and a simplified user interface for deploying advanced radiosity calculations. LightWorks is available for both Mac OS and Windows, although pricing is not yet available.