NewTek has released more details of its forthcoming update to its LightWave 3D modelling, animation and rendering software. Version 9.2 adds improvements to the application's depth-of-field (DOF), motion blur, global illumination (GI) and final gather tools.

LightWave's depth-of-field effect mimics the effects of a single in-focus point with surrounding out-of-focus areas. The update replicates the real-world aperture controls found on cameras for controlling depth-of-field, with animatable controls and real-time preview using the software's OpenGL engine. Lens effects are also recreated, allowing Bokeh effects such as exposure blooms and lighting artefacts.

The motion blur system has been improved by mimicking the blur captured on live-action film. NewTek offers this explanation of the new system.

"One way we have improved motion blur is the timing of how the blur is captured. For example, say you have a ball sitting still from Frame 0 to Frame 5, then at frame 15 the ball has moved to a different location and stops again. Movement occurs between Frames 5 and 15. So what this means for blur in the animation is between frames 0 and 4, there is no blur, because there is no movement at all. At Frame 5, while the ball still has not moved as far as the animation of the ball, there is anticipation of movement for frame 6, so there will be a blur of the ball. Frames 6 to 14 will have blur because the ball is still moving. At frame 15, the ball has stopped, so at the moment of render no movement is occurring and no blur is captured."

Rendering using global illumination and radiosity have been enhanced to provide faster and higher quality renders, according to NewTek. Final Gather has also been integrated with the Interpolated mode for radiosity, which means first a Final Gathering pass is performed and is then combined, or interpolated, with the render pass.