NewTek LightWave 9 is heading to Intel-based Apple Macs, according to the company. NewTek has used the Siggraph show running in Boston to release details of its move to release a Universal Binary version of the 3D software, which can run natively on the latest Intel-based Macs.

The Universal Binaries port will enable LightWave to run on both the PPC G4 and G5 CPUs and the new Intel-based Macs. Optimized performance will be provided for Mac users natively on both series of CPUs, says NewTek.

"We’re incredibly excited about our development plans for LightWave 3D on the Mac platform," said Jay Roth, president, NewTek 3D Division. "Our support for the new Intel-based Mac systems provides tremendous speed and performance gains for Mac users. This new technology also opens doors for us to make significant enhancements to LightWave expressly for the Mac community."

A release timeframe for the binaries is still to be announced, but the company is showing the update at the show.