NewTek has released a new update to its LightWave 6.5 3D package. The free update for Windows, Mac OS and Mac OS X, adds a raft of new features, plus speed and stability gains, says the company. Among the new features are new Alert Levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced mode for error message displays. OpenGL textures can now be displayed at a resolution of 1,024-x-1,024 pixels, while Modeler's bank of layer buttons in the main window can now be set to reference different sets layers - a move the company says will make for easier layer management. A new Shading Noise Reduction tool in Layout will improve the render quality of zero-tolerance radiosity and area/linear light shadows, says NewTek. The result is a much higher-quality radiosity output at lower radiosity settings, and greatly reduced render times, says the company. Also new is the addition of volumetric antialiasing in the effects panel, which lets users disable the antialiasing of volumetrics. An 'Unparent' button also debuts, as does a global intensity control for radiosity. NewTek says other additions include new HyperVoxel effects, new bones settings, volumetric tool improvements, and new plug-ins.