Registered users of LightWave 6 can now download the 6.5 update from the Newtek Web site. The free update adds a whole host of additions and enhancements. One of the main improvements in 6.5, claims Newtek, is a huge boost in rendering speed. This has been achieved through optimization of the rendering code and a new vector-based motion-blur system. This replaces 6.0;s built-in, multi-pass motion blur and removes distortions such as strobing artefacts. Newteks claims that this can reduce render times by up to 1,000 per cent. A sprite modes has been added to application’s hypervoxesl – allowing fast sketches of textures to be created by mimicking the hypervoxels in 2D. Bounding areas can also appear in realtime in OpenGl – speeding things up a bit even if you don’t want to use sprites. The update also includes a texture engine to create texture maps and many other minor updates and bug fixes.