LaCie has began shipping its new 700 series of LCD monitors, which the company says is designed to offer the closest match between captured, displayed, and printed colours for creative professionals needing superior colour accuracy. The three models in the range are the 20-inch LaCie 720, 24-inch LaCie 724, and the 30-inch LaCie 730.

The 700 series has an RGB-LED backlight, which produces purer red, green and blue primaries that result in a larger range of vibrant colours previously not obtainable with more common LCD displays. With ultra-wide gamuts of up to 123 per cent of Adobe RGB, the need for gamut mapping is minimised thus enabling a lossless workflow from image capture to print.

All 700 Series Monitors are bundled with LaCie’s blue eye pro Proof Edition calibration software package. This software allows the ability to calibrate and profile displays, verify profile accuracy and maintain display uniformity. This updated calibration software also embeds an advanced colour-accuracy and grey balance precision certification test developed by UGRA – the Swiss Centre of Competence for Media and Printing Technology.

The LaCie 700 series also embeds ColorKeeper, an advanced backlight stabilizer technology that constantly analyses brightness and chromaticity of the backlight, and then adjusts it in real time. Included 14-bit Gamma Correction lookup tables ensure delicate gradient rendering without banding and smooth colour transitions that are 64 times more precise than on consumer-quality 8-bit monitors.

The LaCie 724 and 730 monitors feature a 16:10 wide-screen format, large enough for two letter-size (A4) pages to display side-by-side with additional room for palettes and toolbars. The LaCie 720 has a 4:3 aspect ratio.

These monitors feature an integrated USB 2.0 hub, and ship with the LaCie easyHood that prevents ambient light from interfering with colour sensitive applications thanks to an anti-reflective black velvet lining.

The LaCie 720 costs £1,037, or £1,207 with LaCie's Blue Eye calibration hardware. The 724 costs £1,472, or £1,633 with the BlueEye. The 730 costs £3,012, or £3,182 with the BlueEye. All prices exclude VAT.