LaCie has launched three new lines of stylish mobile and desktop hard drive bags, the LaCie Cover, LaCie Coat and LaCie Cozy.

The work of Sam Hecht, an award-winning industrial designer and Royal College of Art industrial design graduate the bags come in various colours and size for various LaCie products.

The LaCie Cover (below) provides a lightweight, soft and thin second skin for your hard drive, including a inside accessory pocket for additional cables.

The LaCie Coat (below) comes with a padded bubble pattern, which allows users to reverse the Coat, revealing the inner suede fabric, essentially two bags in one insists LaCie. The design allows hard drive owners to customise the bag by turning it inside out, while a hidden pocket is useful for cables and accessories.

The LaCie Cozy (below) promises ultimate hard drive protection says LaCie. Made of EVA, LaCie Cozy has a rigid exterior to withstand everyday bumps and bruises. Space is included for bulky peripherals, supplies, and accessories, while an extra pocket offers additional storage for small accessories, such as cables.

The LaCie Cover, LaCie Coat and LaCie Cozy start from £8.60 plus VAT.