LaCie has released the blue eye pro Proof Edition as a standalone product. The monitor calibration and profiling system was previously available only with the company's 720, 724 and 730 monitors. It costs £259 plus VAT/US$430.

Designed for print professionals, the blue eye pro Proof Edition helps to ensure that displays meet stringent colour certification. It's designed to integrate with prepress and other softproofing-based workflows, and performs colour accuracy verifications based on UGRA/FOGRA Mediawedge-standard colours.

You can specify any target colorimetric settings, including whitepoint, gamma, brightness and blackpoint, and the software automatically calibrates the monitor, creating and activating an ICC profile to make sure that colour reproduction is consistent throughout the workflow.

An advanced test and report function analyzes the monitor's gamut so you can evaluate the accuracy of colours against target values. You can use Mediawedge colours to perform these tests, so you can evaluate the monitor's colour range against standard criteria for whitepoint and gray balance.

The blue eye pro Proof Edition system is designed to work with standard desktop publishing software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, ColorSync and Aperture.

Included in the kit is a colourimeter and counterweight, ambient light diffuser and protective shell, software CD and quick install guide.