LaCie has announced a new 24-inch display for creative professionals, and four upgraded storage solutions at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

The 324 LCD Display is a new 24-inch monitor targeting the needs of creative professionals. Its equipped with an industry-leading S-PVA panel, which LaCie says offers superb colours thanks to its wide 92 per cent NTSC gamut. It also has a 10-bit Gamma Correction mechanism that minimizes banding and ensures colour gradients are smoothly rendered. With its 16:10 wide-screen format, this monitor can showcase two letter-size (A4) pages side by side with additional room for palettes and toolbars. The LaCie 324 will be available end of January starting at $1,050 (£535) in the US. UK pricing has yet to be announced.

The d2 Quadra is newly redesigned yet still offers the same quadruple interface (USB/FW400/FW800/eSATA) as its predecessor, but has 60 per cent more surface area to allow more efficient heat dissipation without the need of a noisy fan. Available in capacities of 320GB to 1TB, the easy-to-use d2 Quadra is a professional solution for multiple high performance storage applications.

The Little Big Disk Quadra is an amazingly fast mobile disk designed for speed-intensive and capacity demanding applications such as digital content creation, high-volume data exchange, and video editing all while on the road. As fast as the thoroughbred LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ desktop drive, the Little Big Disk has been designed by Neil Poulton to offer quiet operation and superior heat dissipation with an integrated fanless cooling system. Ensuring superior reliability thanks to its aluminium heat-sink design, the Little Big Disk Quadra will be available in 400GB and 500GB versions with either 7200rpm or 5400rpm drives, respectively.

The LaCinema Premier is a USB 2.0, multimedia hard drive that easily creates a presentation centre for playing back movies, photos and music. Connect the device to a PC or Mac to transfer digital files, when done, simply plug the device directly into a television for instant playback. Available in capacities of 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB, the LaCinema Premier supports a wide range of video, audio and photo formats, while an optical output enables surround sound enjoyment. Designed for ease of use, playback can be navigated using an on-screen menu and the included remote control.

The Big Disk Extreme+ eSATA and USB 2.0 drive will be available from February in 1TB, 1.5TB, and 2TB capacities and comes with professional EMC Retrospect for advanced backup management and data restoration for Windows and Mac users. This versatile storage solution is equipped with blazing fast eSATA 3Gbps connectivity, and can reach impressive burst transfers rates of up to 125MBps thanks to built-in RAID 0 capabilities. The LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ features a Neil Poulton d2 design™ stylish, metallic housing crafted from sturdy aluminium alloy for maximum protection and heat dissipation.