Pro video capture hardware maker AJA has announced that its line of Kona and Io video workflow hardware will support the new Mac Pro within three weeks, thanks to a forthcoming Version 3 software update.

Io is a line of video and audio I/O hardware that connects to the Macintosh using FireWire. It's designed to help pro video editors connect to VTRs, genlock, and use QuickTime-based editing tools like Final Cut Pro.

Kona video capture cards provide uncompressed QuickTime, SD, HD, 2K and Dual Link HD connectivity. The PCI Express (PCIe)-based Kona 3, Kona LHe and Kona LSe all provide different video and audio I/O depending on what you need.

AJA director of sales and marketing Nick Rashby said in a statement the company has been working on Universal Binary support for over a year, and will ship the version 3 software "right on the heels" of Apple's introduction of the Mac Pro.