Kodak has taken the wraps off of its next-generation Kodak 3D Stereo Display system. Kodak calls the Kodak 3D Stereo Display ‘IMAX on the Desktop’, likening it to the IMAX cinema.

The new display was first introduced earlier this year, but this new and improved version sports a more compact design and improved brightness. It is aimed at research fields like oil and gas exploration and molecular and chemical modelling, though Kodak said the display has applications for computer-aided design and gaming, too.

It's making its debut at this week's Siggraph show in Los Angeles, though Kodak said that the new 3D Stereo Display won't ship until October. Kodak plans to show it again at the iGames Expo in New York in September.

The Kodak 3D Stereo Display comprises proprietary lens technology with mirrors and two LCD panels sporting 1,280-x-1,024 resolution, using a field of view that measures 45-x-36 degrees.

Kodak claims the 3D Stereo Display is plug-and-play, and will work with any off-the-shelf OpenGL-compliant video card that can output to two separate 1,280-x-1,024 video signals, including products from Nvidia and ATI. The company said the Kodak 3D Stereo Display system will work with Macs, PCs and SGI workstations.

No pricing details have been revealed, and interested parties should contact the company for more information.