Kitsune Noir's Bobby Solomon gives an insight into The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Few creatives leave their desktop wallpaper at the factory setting, preferring to customise the background to their creative endeavours within minutes of setting up a new computer.

One of the best places to find desktop art is Bobby Solomon’s Desktop Wallpaper Project, part of his Kitsune Noir design blog.

The project started in March 2008, following wallpapers based on a Radiohead album that he created as a personal project.

“I thought it would be fun to ask my favourite artists and designers to create desktops,” he says. “This would not only promote the artists that were featured, but would also let readers have some awesome art.”

Soloman has released some incredible imagery through the project. He says he doesn’t have a favourite, but recently he’s been impressed by Alex Cornell’s (above), and has Jez Burrows’ (below) on his iPhone. This may be a key to the project’s success -- most designs are available in a range of resolutions and for iPhones and PSPs.

The most popular wallpaper so far has been Rey Ortega’s hand-painted wallpaper (below), which Solomon describes as
a “perfect combination of Japanese and French cultures (just like Kitsune Noir) and is an absolutely beautiful piece". He likes it so much he has it framed and hung in his kitchen.

For Solomon, satisfaction comes from the fact that great artists want to contribute original art to his site: “I love being able to share art or design or anything creative with my readers. As far as I know there won’t ever be an
end to the project,” he says.

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