Kaydara has announced version 4.0 of its character animation tool. MotionBuilder 4.0, formerly known as FiLMBOX animation, is planned for release in August 2002 for around £2,500. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - with this version being the first available on the Mac. MotionBuilder 4.0 sports a new, redesigned drag-&-drop user interface, automatic character rigging, lip-sync and facial animation tools, real-time display, and more. MotionBuilder 4.0 also natively supports the FBX file interface format from Kaydara, which the company noted is widely supported by other 3D content and streaming media vendors including Alias|Wavefront, Autodesk/discreet, DI-O-Matic, 2D3, Digimask, Expression Tools, InSpeck, Motek, NewTek, QEDsoft, Reflex3D, Softimage, Turbosquid, Vicon, Viewpoint and Zygote.