BIMA has announced the judging panel for the BIMA Awards 2009. This year sees the most prestigious line-up so far, consisting of 24 high-calibre individuals from both client and agency side. The judges are digital and interactive business leaders from a range of sectors including high level advertising, digital marketing, broadcasting, publishing and software.

The panel includes industry gurus such as Alex Smith of Microsoft; Charles Cecil of Revolution Software; Alastair Duncan of; John Chasey, CEO at Finblade; Kate Keane of Johnson & Johnson; Kelly Bennett, director of digital at Warner Pictures; Gareth Jones of Revolution; Michael Nutley of Centaur; Paul Hammersley, CEO at The Red Brick Road; Steve Taylor of Aegis; and Will King, founder of King of Shaves.

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"I’m very proud of the high quality of the judging panel this year," says Chris Kempt, chair of BIMA awards. "They really represent a 360 degree view of industry at the highest level. Who is better qualified to judge your work?"

For the first time, the pre-eminent judges will be providing feedback to each and every entrant.

“I know of no other awards that provide feedback to every entrant, all you know is that you didn’t win" says Kempt. "So, with the BIMAs, not only do you get 12 chances to win, but you know what the judges actually thought and why you were scored as you were.”

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