Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the opening keynote address at Apple Expo 2003 in Paris on Tuesday, September 16, at 9am (GMT) at the Palais des Congres. The expo will run from September 16-20 in Porte de Versailles, Hall 4. Apple Expo 2003 will be host to a variety of conferences, covering topics including Panther (the upcoming version of Mac OS X), Final Cut Pro, Xserve, open source, “migration strategies,” education, iLife applications, photography, enterprise solutions and healthcare solutions. There will also be special sessions targeted to developers; the sessions will cover, among other things, the Mac OS X system architecture, Apple’s development tools, Java and Safari. A Creative Solutions Centre will be set up to welcome professionals working in creative industries such as graphic design, photography, prepress, publishing and printing, audio and video. The centre will showcase the latest solutions and technologies from Apple. The Solutions Space will offer an area where software publishers, developers, and Apple Solutions Experts will be available to meet with those who work in the graphics, prepress, and video industries. The expo’s amphitheatre will be home to continuous demonstrations and customer testimonials on Mac OS X applications and vertical solutions. Apple’s Pro-Creative Classroom will present workshops/hands-on sessions for Mac OS X migration and Apple video solutions. Apple Expo 2003 will also have areas dedicated to gaming and music. And, of course, there will be an exhibitors’ hall where companies will promote their Mac compatible hardware and software products.