Happiness matters in the CG industry despite the fact that many professionals worry about job security and training, according to a survey of the CG profession carried out by training firm Escape Studios.

The survey paints a picture of an energetic, happy workforce that realises it needs to take responsibility for its own development to secure continuous employment, says Escape. The report says that 80 per cent of CG professionals are happy working in the CG industry, and 59 per cent would recommend the career to others. However, the survey flags training and job security as key concerns for CG professionals. 42 per cent of respondents said they are worried about job security, while a massive 62 per cent agreed they have had to do more training to refine their skills.

The report says that professionals find working in CG creatively stimulating (voiced by 77 per cent of respondents) and challenging (65 per cent of respondents said they enjoyed learning new skills on the job). 73 per cent agreed they are proud of the work they do. However, half of those surveyed disagreed with the statement ‘I get enough training in my job’, compared with just over a quarter (27.5 per cent) agreeing.

Robin Shenfield, CEO of post house The Mill, says in reaction to the report that "it is impossible to underestimate the value of training in our business. We rely on highly skilled and talented people and it is incredibly encouraging to see such satisfaction amongst CG professionals. However, it is vital that as an industry we make sure our people have access to the best training in order for the UK to remain the world’s creative hub for CG artists.”

The Escape Studios CG Survey questioned over 2,850 professionals, hobbyists, students and academics in October and November 2009.