If you're looking for a innovative and relatively cheap way to display your artwork – or someone else's – check out ixxi (which is the name of both the company and the product) from Holland. We can see creatives using it to decorate their homes and studios, or selling packages that include their own artworks and the system so purchasers can quickly hang the artwork without framing.

ixxi is a modular connecting system consisting of cards, x’s and i’s. The 20 x 20cm (7.9 x 7.9-inch) cards are connected with the x’s and i’s, creating wall art at any size. The provided hanging strip is designed to make it easy to install ixxi on to a wall.

You can create ixxis from single images or montages using an online tool. You can also pixelate images for an unusual effect.

Ixxi has created its own image bank for consumers featuring art from the National Museum of The Netherlands; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, National Geographic, Royal Delft and others.

Pricing for ixxi starts at €26.50 (around £21.30/$35). The company notes that because of its compactness any size ixxi can be shipped worldwide in a small box, which should keep shipping costs down for both getting it delivered to your and selling it on.