Hermstedt has released a sleuth of new and updated ISDN products that aim to make all forms of communication involving ISDN easier and more efficient. Leonardo Express for Windows 1.6 allows users to send files over ISDN regardless of the platform or protocol that they use. Dynamic channel bundling is included, which uses as much of the network as is necessary instead of the traditional method of sending the file in packets at a speed based upno bandwidth availability. It also uses CAOI 2.0 to communicate between different tools, such as from ISDN to modem. It supports a variety of other Hermstedt products for access to tools such as file compression. Leonardo Express costs £149 plus VAT. Grand Central Pro 2.0 automates the transfer of files over ISDN. It is designed to cope with high load, high-traffic use and can work with many transfer applications on Mac and Windows machines. Included in the application’s features are the abilities to recognise the file transfer protocol of incoming calls, so senders do not need to configure their devices before sending, and to switch between one and two B-channels – so transfers can be made even if only one channel is free. It costs £299 plus VAT Leonardo USB is the new range of external ISDN adapters, the first to connect using USB. They use a single USB port and contain up to four data/fax modems. The units also support protocols such as fax, Internet, Terminal Server, Remote Acess and services. Prices begin at £799. Hermstedt has also released E-T-F Job Ticket 1.0 for inclusion of job tickets with documents, and Angelo, a 30-channel primary rate ISDN (PRI) card.