Photographers and multimedia content creators who need to generate 360-degree panoramic images have a new tool to choose from, courtesy of iPIX InfoMedia: iPIX Interactive Studio. The software works in Mac OS X and Windows.

iPIX is not new to the panoramic image editing market, but what is new about Interactive Studio is the licensing arrangement: Previously, products had sports a per-image fee structure; now, iPIX is switching to an annual license arrangement that starts at $899 (around £465) for a single user license (multi-user licenses are available).

iPIX imagery can be embedded on Web pages using a downloadable plug-in, and the technology is compatible with QuickTime, imaging and painting tools, and panoramic image stitching technologies from other developers. The new release features a broader range of capture modes, like single row multi-show panoramas and multi-shot full-frame fisheye.