iPhone cases offer personalized art by Joshua Davis, Deanne Cheuk and more

Case-mate has launched I Make My Case, a site that allows users to remix the designs of illustrators and artists including Joshua Davis, Deanne Cheuk, Thomas Hooper, Matt Moore, Hannah Stouffer, Ray Frenden, Anthony Yankovic, Nigel Dennis, Shadow Chen, Chuck Anderson.

The user's unique design is then printed on-demand and then shipped customers. Pre-designed cases are also available to purchase.

I Make My Case allows users to choose all elements of their case starting with the background colour scheme and shade. From there they can pull in a variety of elements, including artist-rendered illustrations such as dinosaur skulls, mushroom caps, gems and doodles to ink blots to images of hands and lips. The design is completed as users take advantage of an array of tools to create unique effects with a kaleidoscope, monochromatic palette or mirror option.

Here's a quick peek at the pre-designed cases (with more on the next page).

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