RealViz has announced updates to three of the four tools that make up its Image Processing Factory. MatchMover and ImageModeler all gain new features, which Stitcher will be made available in a version specifically for Kaidan’s line of panoramic tripod heads. All three will be shown for the first time at the NAB show in Las Vegas next week. Camera-tracking software MatchMover has had 3D tracking facilities added. Previously it could only track in 2D. The 3D tracker detects relevant 2D features in the original sequences and reconstructs them into accurate 3D scenes and camera moves, according to the company. Track selection, 2D tracking and 3D tracking are all performed automatically. The company has also upgraded the 2D tracker, which can now take 2D pattern rotation and scale into account. ImageModeler, which builds 3D models from 2D photographs, has been expanded to support 360-degree-x-360-degree panoramas. Users can import panoramic cubes that have been created in the Stitcher panorama tool and extract models and textures. They can even create a fully textured 3D model of a room using only two panoramas taken at different points within it. Users can add an unlimited number of panoramas to increase levels of detail. The version of Stitcher for use with panoramic tripod heads is designed to make the application easier and faster to use – and increase the output quality. Users no longer need to place images in panoramas manually, only entering basic information such as the number of images and horizontal rows. Stitcher then automatically works out which images go where and stitches them all together. MatchMover costs £4,495 plus VAT and ImageModeler costs £3,125 plus VAT, although cheaper versions for individual 3D packages are available. Stitcher costs £500 plus VAT.