Digital design studio ustwo has released its Granimator App for iPad through the Apple App Store in the US. It'll be available in the UK shortly after the iPad starts shipping towards the end of this month. Granimator is a sound based wallpaper creator that offers users a fully immersive touch and sound experience.   

The Granimator App for iPad offers an collection of ustwo-designed packs which gives users access to a large choice of graphical elements (styles, shapes and backgrounds) which they can tap, pinch and drag across the screen to create stunning compositions and soundscapes. Users can also download more packs from world-renowned designers: Airside, Pete Fowler, Buro Destruct, James Joyce, Rexbox and Moving Brands.

Once a masterpiece has been created, users can save their creation as their iPad wallpaper or show it off to friends via Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Collaborators are also encouraged to share their creations so other users can download the best-designed wallpapers for their iPad.

US-based readers can pick up Granimator here. We'll update this story when it's available in the UK.