Iomega has introduced a new version of its REV 35GB removable drive system with a FireWire interface. The new drive is aimed at Mac users looking for large-capacity back up and portable file storage using a mechanism that's based on hard drive media, not optical storage technology.

REV drives sport interchangeable disks that feature read/write performance of up to 25MB/sec and the ability to store up to 35GB per disk. FireWire-based REV drives ship with a disk that's been formatted for the Mac; the drives come in a white and light grey chassis design created to complement the Mac. The drive can be bus-powered by any six-pin (FireWire 400) or nine-pin (FireWire 800)-equipped Mac.

Because REV drives are hard disk-based, the devices mount on the desktop and provide drag and drop file storage; you don't need to burn images to disc. Dantz Retrospect Express software is included for users who want to utilize their REV drive as a backup or archival solution.

The REV drive has been shipping since April in USB 2.0 and ATAPI (internal) configurations, but this is the first time that Iomega has specifically targeted the Mac market with a REV solution.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.1.5 or higher. The new Iomega REV 35 drive with FireWire is shipping for $399.95 (around £220) in the US. Mac-formatted disks are available separately for $59.99 (£33) each; PC-formatted REV disks can be reformatted and used on Mac drives as well.

Iomega indicates that Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI and auto-loading REV drives are all planned for release later this year. The Web site had yet to be updated with information about the new FireWire model as Digit posted this article.