Iomega has launched new pocket-size 10GB and 20GB drives. The USB Peerless drive system features technology based on IBM's Travelstar 2.5-inch notebook hard disk drive in 10GB and 20GB capacities. As the highest shock-rated removable hard disk drive, Travelstar provides Iomega's Peerless drive system with a solid technology platform in a rugged and reliable sealed disk that's roughly the size of a PDA. The Peerless disk slips into a base station only slightly larger than the disk itself – a slim, vertical enclosure that minimizes the footprint on the desktop. As the system's hard drive electronics are located in the base station, rather than on the disk itself, users only have to buy the drive's electronics once making disk prices as low as one pence per megabyte say the company. The drive with interface module retails for £269. Individual Peerless disks cost £159 (10GB) and £199 (20GB). The base station bundled with an interface module and a 20GB disk retails for £399. FireWire interface modules are expected to be available within weeks.