Iomega boosts Pocket Zip to 100MB

Iomega is expanding the capacity of its matchbook-size Pocket Zip drive from 40MB to 100MB, so you can keep more materials in the portable drive. Disks for the Pocket Zip 100MB drive will cost about £7 retail, which Iomega says compares favorably with solid-state memory cards that can run £40 for 32MB. The Pocket Zip 100MB drive can also read the older, 40MB Pocket Zip disks. A 100MB drive can hold one or more music CDs, says Bruce Albertson, Iomega president and chief executive officer. Boosts portable capacity Iomega is promoting the drives for use with portable consumer electronics devices, such as digital audio players, handheld video devices, digital cameras, and personal digital assistants. The higher-capacity drive is also useful paired with notebooks, printers, and LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors. The company plans to release this fall a 100MB model of its HipZip digital audio player. The Pocket Zip 100MB disks come in the same durable form as the smaller-capacity disks and those used by Iomega's long-standing Zip drives. They also can support digital rights management (DRM) systems from Microsoft, InterTrust, and others, according to Iomega. That may become more important as online music distribution sources rely on copyright protection. Iomega expects to ship the Pocket Zip 100MB drive and disks internationally in the third quarter.

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