Iomega ration has announced the REV 120GB Backup Drive, the third generation of its REV technology.

Iomega will unveil the new Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive and REV 120GB disks at CeBIT 2008, the international technology tradeshow beginning today in Hanover, Germany, and running through March 9.

The Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive is expected to be available worldwide in April as external USB 2.0 and internal SATA interface models; a REV 120GB ATAPI interface model is planned for mid-year.

Iomega introduced its REV technology with the first generation REV 35GB Backup Drive in 2004, followed by the second generation REV 70GB Backup Drive in 2006.

REV aims to reinvent the hard drive by dividing its components into a drive bay and a low-cost removable disk. The sensitive drive heads and electronics reside in the REV drive; a hard disk platter and fluid-dynamic bearing motor are located in the REV disk. The REV disk is designed for zero maintenance, sealed against outside air contamination while in operation and when not in the drive. The virtual clean room environment of the REV system is supported by automatic head-cleaning, air filtration, and two-stage error correction for automatic data verification.

Iomega’s new REV 120GB Backup Drive features transfer rates of up to 35MB/second, extensive third-party software support, and an estimated 30-year archival life, while REV 120GB disks have an estimated one million rewrite durability. And while tape products require frequent head cleaning, tape retensioning, and an expensive tape replacement regime, REV drives and disks are designed for continuous reliable use with zero maintenance.

The new Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive will be read backwards compatible with REV 70GB disks, meaning a REV 120GB Backup Drive will be able to read a REV 70GB disk, allowing REV 70GB drive users a straightforward migration path to the new REV 120GB drive and disk platform. The REV 120GB Backup Drive can't read or write to the first generation, 35GB disks.

Pricing for the Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive and Iomega REV 120GB disks will be announced closer to product availability.