Wacom has announced its latest range of graphics tablets for professional designers, video compositors and 3D artists. The Intuos2 range includes five tablets with a choice of eight input devices. As before, the tablets exist in A3, A4 oversize, A4, A5 and A6 sizes – though now with a higher sampling rate designed to remove interference from other electronic devices and a darker colour scheme. New input devices include the Intuos grip pen, which has a wider rubberised grip area to reduce strain on the user’s hand. It’s dual ended and includes a fully programmable double-side switch. The A5 and A6 tablets now ship with the Intuos 2D three-button mouse, while larger tablet ship with the new 4D mouse. This offers special features in supporting application, including 360-degree supporting control, as well as a self-centring finger wheel. The Intuos2 range costs from £140 plus VAT for the A6 tablet (plus grip pen, 2D mouse and Corel Painter Classic), with the A4 sized tablet costing £365 plus VAT(plus grip pen, 4D mouse and Painter. Wacom has also unveiled a new interactive pen display. The Cintiq 15X consists of a 15-inch TFT active matrix LCD with a pressure sensitive pen that works directly on the display's surface. According to Wacom, the Cintiq 15X's LCD has a special coating that makes it glare free and less affected by fricton caused by applying the pen. This makes painting and drawing on the panel almost like using pen and paper. The display stand can be set to angles from 18 degrees to 73 degrees says the company, and can even be removed, allowing users to place the Cintiq 15X on their knees or a table edge. The accompanying Cintiq pen offers 512 different levels of pressure as well as a decreased contact pressure. The Cintiq 15X can be connected to both DVI and VGA ports, and features serial and USB interfaces for connecting to Macs and Windows PCs. The Cintiq 15X will be available from the end of October for £1,195 plus VAT.