[email protected]’s portable smart storage device, the Digital Wallet, is to be released in the UK through distributor Introphoto. The device has a capacity of 6GB is aimed at digital camera users and others with high-volume mobile storage needs. The Digital Wallet has more in common with a PDA than conventional mobile storage. It’s based around a Motorola ColdFire processor, runs a propriatary OS and includes a small LCD screen for controlling the unit. It connects to digital cameras, Macs and Windows PCs through USB or PCMCIA ports. The PCMCIA slot accepts CompactFlash (included as standard), SmartMedia and MemoryStick card adapters, allowing them to be controlled by the Digital Wallet. For example, this allows a digital camera user on the move to copy full cards into the Wallet, empty them and then re-use the cards without having to carry a laptop or other such device. The Wallet is palm-sized and weighs less than 350 grammes. It includes a NiMH rechargeable battery that allows 200 minutes of continuous use. It also ships with a carry dock, a USB cable and installation and digital imaging software. The Digital Wallet costs £549 including VAT.