IPIX InfoMedia has announced that iPix Interactive Studio 1.1 is now available for Windows PCs and Macs. The new version of their application for creating 360-degree panoramic images offers the ability to export in Macromedia Shockwave w3d file format, works better with Adobe Photoshop and adds performance enhancements.

iPix Interactive Studio comes in two versions: the Essentials pack, which is a basic version of the application, and the Enhancer pack, which includes Essentials and its Edit Pack and Format Pack plug-in upgrades. The new Macromedia Shockwave File Exporter only applies to users with Enhancer or Format Pack licenses. All users receive a new auto update function that lets them know when new features are added to the application.

The current upgrade is free for existing license holders. The Essentials Pack is $899 (around £500) per user while the Enhancer Pack is $1,799 (£1,000) per user; the plug-in upgrades are $499 (£280) each. All licenses last for a year and must be renewed at the end of the term.