Intel to debut Pentium 4, Xeon

Timed with this week's Intel Developer's Forum in the US, Intel will discuss much of the inner workings of its upcoming Pentium IV processor and announce a Pentium III processor, the first of its server-class processors to operate at 1GHz, according to company officials. During its developer's forum, Intel officials will also discuss its newest StrongARM mobile processor technology. Intel's upcoming Pentium IV processor will be outfitted to take on such Internet-related tasks as video and audio streaming, improved data encryption, and the type of high-data transfer peer-to-peer networking popularized by companies like Napster. According to one Intel official, the new Pentium IV will launch later this year with a minimum speed of 1.4GHz. It will utilize a new architecture called NetBurst, in which basic calculations such as simple math are run on a subsystem called a Rapid Execution Engine that keeps the redundant tasks from taxing the main processor and robbing it of performance. Advancing Intel's mobile line of processors as well, Ron Smith, vice president and general manager of wireless communication and computing, on Wednesday will discuss the details of the company's next-generation StrongARM chip during his keynote address at the second day of the forum. StrongARM is designed for small, handheld devices like cell phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants). The Pentium III Xeon, designed specifically for front-end servers, general purpose servers, and high-performance workstations, sports a 133MHz front-side bus, 256K of Level 2 advanced cache memory, and dual processor capability. Because Intel already ships a 933MHz two-way Xeon processor, officials for the chip maker believe the market for the new 1GHz Xeon will be customers who want to upgrade from Xeon processors running below 866MHz.

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