Infinite Skills intros new Final Cut Pro 7 Training DVD

Online training firm Infinite Skills has launched a new tutorial collection focusing on Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 video editing software.

The Learning To Use Final Cut Pro 7 training DVD is aimed at users who are new to video editing as well those who are moving from a different platform.

Additionally, everything from settings optimisation to export functionality is covered Infinite Skills insist, addressing the wide range of needs between capturing and importing content to releasing a final audience-ready product.

Because the features of the entire Final Cut Studio are so spread out, the training course focuses specifically on Final Cut Pro, detailing the specifics of capturing, rendering, and working with a number of different media types to produce a compelling and cohesive final product.

Some of the topics tackled by the course include Setting Up Scratch Disks, Importing MP3 files, Adding Logos and Text, Working with Markers, Audio Panning, Applying Transitions, and more.

Users are encouraged to complete tutorials alongside the tutor and over 3GB of working files are included as part of the package.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the Learning To Use Final Cut Pro 7 Training CD, hosted by Instructor Andy Anderson, costs £49.09 and runs 7.5 hours covering 164 lessons.


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