The Daily Telegraph has scooped the UK Newspaper Design of the Year Award for 2005 following its transistion to Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Ironically, the award -- known as "The Quark Award" -- was sponsored by rival DTP maker Quark, and the result is sure to leave the DTP-maker fuming.

“The Daily Telegraph began transitioning off of QuarkXPress in favour of Adobe InDesign and InCopy in 2001,” says Peter Green, group operations director, Telegraph Group Limited. “The results speak for themselves in terms of the design quality we’ve been able to achieve.”

“With InDesign and InCopy we have built a design platform that works together to give customers an award-winning advantage and be as productive and creative as possible,” said Mark Hilton, senior director, Creative Professional Products at Adobe. “We congratulate The Daily Telegraph on their prestigious win.”

Today, 600 people at The Daily Telegraph use a publishing system based on Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy with DTI NewsSpeed to produce informative, visually enticing pages. The publishing solution from Adobe and DTI gives The Daily Telegraph unparalleled design software matched with proven database technology for both productivity and design gains.