Baseview Products is now bringing the features of its publishing tools to users of Adobe’s InDesign page-layout application. The company’s DragIn and CopyTools plug-ins are designed to expedite the pagination process by hooking Adobe’s InDesign to Baseview’s NewsEditPro writing and editing software. NewsEditPro and NewsEditPro IQue were the first Baseview applications to be Mac OS X native. The plug-ins are used with both NewsEditPro and NewsEditPro IQue. With DragIn and CopyTools, editors and paginators can, for the first time, work in an all-Mac OS X, Unix-based environment on their Macs, according to Baseview spokeswoman Jodee Taylor. She added that more firsts are the ability to automatically generate PDFs in the IQue database, and the ability to split multi-page documents into individual print jobs for page-pairing and imposition systems. Paginators can also drag-&-drop stories, pictures, and headlines from NewsEditPro directories onto InDesign pages; jump the stories (complete with jumplines); keep all copies of stories and pictures in sync with what’s being published; use a 660,000-word thesaurus and dictionary to spice up copy; fix fractions, and more, according to the developer. The DragIn pagination plug-in automatically draws text boxes for NewsEditPro stories and pictures (as well as cutlines and headlines); lets users save changes made on the page back to NewsEditPro files; checks for updates to stories and pictures that have already been placed, and more. This cooperation works both ways, Taylor said. Users can assign a text box on a page, and the resulting file in NewsEditPro will have the proper length already measured for the writer, for instance. Baseview’s plug-ins can handle InDesign style-sheets. Users can format stories in NewsEditPro – complete with bylines, headlines, bulleted text, and so on – and all the formatting is carried over to the InDesign pages, Taylor said. DragIn can be set up to check for updates when opening, saving, and closing pages. It can also be configured to automatically save any changes made on the page back to the NewsEditPro file. All document data entered in NewsEditPro is passed on to InDesign - and vice-versa. DragIn can even stamp a printed page with its release time to help track deadlines. Thanks to InDesign’s flexibility, users can create PDFs of each page at the same time they’re being printed, according to Taylor. PDF styles (ebook, screen, print, and press or custom styles) can also be set as defaults. Baseview’s CopyTools plug-in takes the most frequently used tasks by newsroom paginators and turns them into simple commands, Taylor said. CopyTools also offers an overflow box for editing stories down to size; it displays an alert when printing a page containing overflowing text. Users can set up smart keys with commonly used strings of text, such as bylines, so they’re inserted with one keystroke. CopyTools is also where the Fix Fractions command and the thesaurus are found. The Style Sheet Admin program (for both NewsEditPro and NewsEditPro IQue) is the software needed for importing InDesign style sheets to NewsEditPro. The style sheets can be copied from a server or main preferences file to and from an InDesign page.