in-sync is to update its flagship video-editing package Speed Razor, with two versions planned to ship next month. Speed Razor 2000 and Speed Razor 2000 X promise speed bumps across the board and time-saving features. Speed Razor 2000 will feature support for all previous projects created in earlier versions of Speed Razor, and all windows in the two new versions are now contained in a bounding window, the company says. Quick Keys will always be useable, says the company, meaning users don't have to hit a window before activating a function with a Quick Key. The toolbar will be revamped, featuring icons as well as text buttons. Speed Razor 2000 X adds additional features – including the ability to add Bins to a new project and Apple QuickTime export. Pricing of the two products has yet to be announced and are both still under development. in-sync says both should ship by the end of May. The company has also released an update to Speed Razor 4.5, bring it up to version 4.8. The new version – a free upgrade – includes dual monitor support, faster display of the timeline, improved stability and improved capture software, says the company.