XChange International has announced the Imposition Wizard for Mac OS X, which can read a PDF file, apply transformations to its pages and save the result to another PDF file.

Users can create booklets, books, business cards and more all within what the makers insist is a simple user
interface, which allows changes to be viewed immediately.

Imposition Wizard supports all the main imposition schemes: Booklet, N-Up, Step and Repeat and Cut Stack.

The software offers the ability to shuffle pages of the source document and reorder sheets of the destination document.

Users can also add custom backgrounds from another file and flip it from page to page and shift page content for booklets (creep), add bleeds and crop marks.

Additionally users can crop the source document before imposing, add bleeds and paddings, reorder and rotate source pages.

Imposition Wizard can be controlled using AppleScript and is compatible with any workflow.

For a limited time Imposition Wizard costs £113.05 plus VAT.