Imagineer Systems has announced the release of monet, a rotoscoping product for broadcast, film and video post production markets, which offers a solution for replacing elements in film and video.

According to Imagineer, monet delivers lens distortion aware 2D motion tracking with tools that allow accurate adjustments of the track to be made. It allows properties of the source material, such as lens distortion, shadows, highlights and grain/noise easily to be applied to the new elements.

Combined with options for per pixel motion blur, focus blur and colour controls, this allows the artist to perform complex package replacements, language adaptations and screen inserts in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional high end compositing tools, the company claims.

The technology for monet was developed in collaboration with Cinesite for use on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It has been further developed to include Imagineer’s 2D planar track for motion estimation, as well as tools for manual augmentation of the tracking data, lens distortion analysis, extracting and re-applying shadows, highlights and noise, per-pixel motion blur, masking and compositing.

Monet is available as either a software package, which will be available this month costing from £6,000 for a floating license, or as a complete hardware/software bundle with workstation and accelerator card, which will be available from September costing from £15,500 depending on configuration.