RealViz is now shipping ImageModeler 4.0, the latest version of their image-based 3D modelling software, for the Mac platform.

The latest release offers several feature enhancements, including a 3D/2D integration tool and a UV mapping editor.

ImageModeler is used to extract 3D information from photographs, and measure and recreate accurate 3D models from the data. The company claims that the 3D/2D integration tool will facilitate the accurate integration of existing 3D projects into 2D photographs.

The UV mapping editor enables users to edit the UV mapping of textures and the new release also includes the ability to apply textures from other sources.

New calibration constraints are included, and the company claims they can be useful for integrating new projects. The new release also includes Quicktime VR Object Movie export and the ability to export an image of the 3d scene as a jpg file.

According to RealViz, version 4.0 also includes new modelling constraints, a new flexible world space tool, support of Exif headers and improved interactions.

ImageModeler 4.0 is priced at 1,200 Euros (around £790). Upgrades are available for 450 Euros (£300) from version 3.5 or 600 Euros (£400) from previous versions.