Illustration used to pimp a bus for JAM Berlin

Every creative likes to see their work in large scale and in many locations, but few get the chance to do both at once. Canadian illustrator Maxime Archambault -- aka S3 Studio -- recently saw one of his artworks covering a bus that was used to ferry attendees around the various locations of the JAM Berlin fashion fair.

Maxime submitted his design to a competition called 'Pimp my bus', which was run by French t-shirt design site La Fraise, and was picked as the winner. The theme of the competition was the future, and Maxime's first idea was to create something very complex based around a town with flying cars. However, a commercial project prevented him from having the time to develop this further, so he concentrated on a simpler and more dynamic idea.

"I got a flash [of inspiration] to put the eyes on the back of the bus and write 'Don't look back' across it, so the future is in front [of the bus]," he says. "I have my own personal visual language, and I have applied that to create the bus: using CMYM colours plus a cloud, rainbow, and monster."

To produce artwork that wrapped around the bus, Maxime worked from a template provided by La Fraise, which was printed as a series of very large stickers that were then applied to the bus. He didn't know how his artwork would appear before he arrived in Berlin and the completed bus was unveiled -- but was really happy with the result.


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