Ikonoscop launches 3D camera

Ikonoskop, the innovative camera manufacturer from Sweden have announced a stereo version of the Ikonoskope. The company is known for producing light-weight, high quality, cameras which are small in size and easy to operate.

The first product was introduced late 2003 - the A-cam SP-16; the smallest, lightest and most affordable Super-16 camera on the market.

The A-cam dII has been shown in prototype and generated significant interest. This has been described as being the digital cinema equivalent of Super 16mm. This is expected to ship very soon.

Watch the MacVideo report about the A-cam dII.

Now Ikonoskop has announced the A-Cam3D, a stereo version of the A-cam dII.

The following details which have been revealed:

2 x 1920 x 1080 pixels stored as individual files in RAW sequences. DNG format

Weight: 2.8kg incl. memory cartridge and battery.

Distance between optical axis: 91,5 mm
Colour depth: 12 bit
Mount: IMS,PL or C
FPS: 25 or 30
Built on order.
Price TBD

For more details visit the Ikonoskop website.

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