Media 100 has begun shipping version 4 of its iFinish Web-streaming media production suite. According to the company, the suite offers a new level of integration between the company’s editing software and subsidiary Terran’s streaming media tool Cleaner (previously Media Cleaner Pro). The capture board and software solution for Windows 2000 systems has Terran’s EventStream technology built into it. This allows streamed video to include hotspots for user interactivity, triggers for external HTML events (for launching graphics, audio or even Flash animations), and graphics layers. The layers allow clear text to be streamed as characters separate from the video layer and be rendered by the host machine on-the-fly. This means text is readable even if the video pixelates due to Internet congestion. iFinish 4 is designed to offer an ‘every-in, any-out’ workflow. It can capture and print in a wide number of formats – including DV, SDI, component, S-video and composite. It can also encode video into any of the three main streaming formats: RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime. For compositing, Media 100 has worked with Adobe and Boris FX to integrate tools from those companies into iFinish. These offer iFX integration for unlimited layering and compositing, 2D and 3D titles and DVEs, broadcast-quality colour-correction tools and After Effects integration. iFinish 4 is available in four versions, with varying input options and breakout boxes. These range from the V20DV DV-only version (which costs £2,195 plus VAT) to the fully-featured V80 (which costs £11,295 plus VAT). A DVD edition is also available for all versions for an extra £2,690, which offers real-time encoding and preview to MPEG-2 from the timeline. Sonic Solutions DVDit! Professional Edition is included in this edition for authoring full DVDs.