ICraveTV has agreed to an out-of-court settlement that shuts down the company's video streaming site, iCraveTV.com. The settlement states that iCraveTV owners William Craig and George Simons will not engage in the unauthorized streaming of television signals into the US from the company's Toronto-based Internet site. The settlement follows a February 8 preliminary injunction issued by a US District Court judge in Philadelphia that prevented the iCraveTV site from webcasting television programming that originated in the US to US site visitors. The injunction came after the Motion Picture Association of America filed a lawsuit January 20 on behalf of numerous television and motion picture companies, in addition to a separate suit filed by the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. Both lawsuits charged iCraveTV with illegally seizing US television signals and rebroadcasting them without authorization. The settlement means that the parties involved in the complaints will not be returning to court for a further hearing.