Iconemesis is a new company that opened in June selling iPhone cases featuring custom artwork from the likes of Pomme Chan, Joanna Basford, Stephen Chan, Ian Stevenson and Ciara Phelan. Each costs £24.99.

We sat down with Iconemesis founder Babatunde Eseku to find out more about it.

design by Pomme Chan

DA: What's the concept behind Iconemesis?

BE: "To offer customers an interesting and exciting range of artworks to customise their mobile phone case. We aim to achieve this by working with both established and up-and-coming artists to produce eye-catching artworks. In the near future we will also be offering customers the opportunity to create their own phone case with their own artwork or image."

design by Stephen Chan

DA: How did you get the artists involved?

BE: "We spend a few hours every morning browsing online for artworks that we believe would work well with our products. A big portion of time is spent browsing [publications including Digital Arts]. Other sources for ideas come from Behance, FFF, flickr, Abduzeedo and T-shirt websites.

"We also visit art galleries and studios and network events like Glug. We then research the artist and draw up a list. This is followed by making contact firstly via email to find out if they would be willing to work with us. Initially we didn`t get many replies but since the launch of the website we have been getting a lot of response to emails.

"We have also had interest and enquiries from artists that heard about Iconemesis on social media. One contacted us after learning about us on Twitter: another from Singapore contacted us after reading a blog written about us by one of our artists.

DA: Will you be launching more cases from other artists?

BE: "Yes, we are lauching new products from new artists on a weekly basis. At the moment, we have a very small number of artists and products but are continually on the lookout. We are particularly interested in designs that offer something unique that add an edge to our products.

"The range we currently have are for the iPhone 3G/3GS but we expect to take stock of iPhone 4 cases by mid September with art from both our existing and new artists. Over the coming months we also plan to offer these designs on iPads and other devices."

More of the designs can be seen below

design by Pomme Chan

design by Stephen Chan