The ICA's newly opened exhibition, A Recent History of Writing and Drawing, boasts one of the more unusual creatives on the London scene: Viktor, a wall-drawing machine.

Powered by small industrial motors and taking instructions from specially adapted design software, Viktor accompanies the exhibition's Thursday-night speakers series by sketching relevant and accompanying material directly onto the wall of the gallery. The image will remain on display for the following week, until the next speaker's turn.

The exhibition examines the relationship between technologies of communication and the users of these tools; it highlights the special creative possibilities that are made possible through mechanical and digital technologies. Other gadgets on show include a handheld printer and a machine for creating hole-punched posters.

A Recent History of Writing and Drawing is a collaboration between programmer and designer Jürg Lehni and graphic designer Alex Rich, and comprises a range of tools for writing and drawing – both interactive and non-interactive.

Thursday-night speakers include:

24 July: Ryan Gander
The artist Ryan Gander will employ Viktor to create a new piece from his extensive inventory of unrealised works.

31 July: Leila McAlister, James Alwyn and Caitlin Elster
Shopkeeper Leila McAlister will team up with sustainable materials and construction experts James Alwyn and Caitlin Elster, and Viktor, to propose new ways of distributing locally-produced food.

7 August: Tuomas Toivonen
Helsinki-based architect and electronic composer Tuomas Toivonen will play a concert on the Hyalonium, an electronic glass harp, with Viktor creating a visual accompaniment.

14 August: Konstantin Grcic
German industrial product designer Konstantin Grcic will present his work accompanied by Viktor.

21 August: Michael Marriott
The product designer Michael Marriott will present a 3000-year history of technology and design told through the story of the chair, illustrated via Viktor.

28 August: Jason Evans
Photographer Jason Evans will discuss his abuse of basic analogue equipment, inviting happy accident and chance into his practice.