Viewercom, a company drawn out of BBC Technology, has launched Powerscreen, a new material for blue-and greenscreen compositing that's designed to work under ambient light, even on location. Unlike Viewercom's previous solution, Chromatte, Powerscreen does not use camera rings or controllers - reducing the price overall. This also allows the camera to be placed nearer to subjects, meaning less material is needed for shooting. Powerscreen is a retro-reflective material that reflects light from all angles directly back at the camera to produce an even background without spill, fringing or lighting problems. According to Viewercom it can be set-up quickly without having to worry about precise lighting positions - and even works with teleprompters. The company is also promoting the flexibility and ruggedness of the material. Sold in 1.4m rolls at £250 per metre, it can be stitched into larger pieces using conventional thread - which could be performed cheaply by drapers.